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  • Amazing- incredible, unbelievable, improbable, fabulous, wonderful, fantastic, astonishing, astounding, extraordinary
  • Anger- enrage, infuriate, arouse, nettle, exasperate, inflame, madden
  • Angry- mad, furious, enraged, excited, wrathful, indignant,…







001. Toxic | Melanie Martinez

I took a sip from a devil’s cup
It’s taking over me 


I want to do so much witchcraft to this 

when the chorus hits tho

I listen to this like 5 times every time it comes up on my dash.

So I guess I have to reblog.

This is some American Horror Story shit




Color palette tutorial time!

This is by no means the Only Way To Pick Colors—it’s just a relatively-simple method I use sometimes.  I’ve found it works pretty well, almost regardless of what colors you pick—as long as you can keep them organized by those light/dark warm/cool categories, and make sure one category takes up a significantly higher proportion of page space, it usually turns out pretty good!

I struggled with color for a long time before eventually reaching this conclusion, and here it is all laid out nicely for you lucky people by the talented and Eisner-nominated Melanie Gillman. So listen to them!



How To Stop Procrastination by studytwice

Anyone can procrastinate. It sometimes just happens. And it’s sometimes not that easy to stop doing it. Here’s a detailed guide on how to get rid of it, with tips to combat five common procrastinating habits. If you’d like to know what procrastination is and how to know if you’re doing it, why not check out the previous poster: Procrastination.

Reason 1: You don’t feel well. You’re tired, hungry or are otherwise not feeling 100%.
Solution: If you’re tired, why not take a short nap? Just have a lie down for 90 minutes, and it’s likely you’ll feel much better. If you’re hungry, why not eat and drink something? A hearty snack or sandwich and a fresh glass of juice will do wonders. If you have a headache/stomach ache, why not take some light aspirin? It’s not the ideal solution, but it might make you forget about the pain!

Reason 2: You aren’t motivated. You don’t see the point in learning the material.
Solution: Math sucks, I know. Your AP English teacher is the worst, I know. Studying sometimes isn’t the most fun and can sometimes even be completely boring. But no one can change that for you, but you. Your Chemistry equations are unlikely to magically get super exciting overnight if you hate Chemistry. But in the end, studying will get you your degree, and get you a job and a house and food. If the lack of motivation persists, why not contact your student advisor/study counsellor? Maybe you can take different subjects that will motivate you.

Reason 3: You don’t feel good enough. It doesn’t matter if you study it once or if you study it a 1000 times, you’re just stupid, anyway.
Solution: I hated Math in high school. I had a Math tutor once a week to help me with the material, and I still failed my exams. By contrast, I got high grades in History and was one of the best students in my year. So was I just stupid in Math and brilliant at History? Not likely. More likely: I was studying the wrong way. I study well by repetition. In History, I made detailed notes and even summarized my summaries. In Math, I made detailed notes, but did only the required homework. So you’re not stupid. It’s likely you’re just studying the wrong way.

Reason 4: You don’t understand the material. You want to write an essay about Shakespeare, you really do, but you just don’t understand Romeo & Juliet. “Fatal loins”? WHAT ARE FATAL LOINS?
Solution: What type of subject are you having trouble with?

  • (1) A literary subject, such as a poem, play or novel. Solution: try reading the text by yourself and mark where you have problems. Why not visit shmoop.com? It provides study guides for most English-language works. If that doesn’t work, why not ask your teacher? Remember, they set you the material, so they’re likely to understand it!
  • (2) A beta subject, such as Chemistry or Math. Solution: try doing the equation or reading yourself and mark where you have problems. Why not visit khanacademy.org? It provides interactive videos and study guides for most beta subjects. If that doesn’t work, why not ask your teacher? Remember, they set you the material, so they’re likely to understand it!
  • (3) A linguistic subject, such as vocabulary or grammar. Solution: what are you having problems with? If it’s vocabulary, why not visit vocabulary.com? If it’s grammar, why not visit grammarbook.com? If you’re studying a foreign language, why not ask your teacher for help or resources? Remember, they set you the material, so they’re likely to understand it!

Reason 5: You have better things to do. Seriously. Besides, there’s always tomorrow.
Solution: We all get 24 hours to spend in a day. Of these 24 hours, you already lose 8-10 hours to sleep. If you’re a full time student, you’re likely to spend 6-8 hours in class. This leaves you between 6-10 hours to spend freely as you wish. Why not spend 15 minutes of those 6-10 hours studying? You can then go do something else for the remaining time, like watch your favorite TV show or eat. If you were to spend just 15 minutes each day, you won’t have wasted that much time. It’s just 15 minutes on a scale of 24 hours. And maybe the next day, you can spend 20 minutes, and maybe have your homework for that week fully done. Probably easier than you thought, wasn’t it?